LIVE FREE Mini Readings with Debbie A. Anderson & Ida Keightley

Thank you to everyone who joined us at 6pmEST when Ida Keightley & I offered FREE mini readings to everyone present. NOTE readings are only available when this transmission is LIVE!!!
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Hi, I am Debbie A. Anderson and YES... I see dead people! I am a Clairvoyant Medium, born in England & now living in Canada. I have been doing intuitive spiritual readings for over 35 years around the world. I self published 2 oracle decks, Vibrational Energy (for adults) and Vibrational Earth Children (for inner child & children). Also two affirmation decks titled I AM Vibrational & I AM Sacred. These are distributed worldwide. I love raising the vibration & sharing the positive. I feel I am an expert in many spiritual areas, because when we give permission to our “self” to be in the intention of Now, we can and will achieve what our vibration is focused on in any given moment. In life there is no magic bullet that fixes everything, but when we change our own vibrational frequency and accept we are the one in charge, it does allow the self to step into that power. It is about setting your vibrational intention... and sticking to it.

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