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Do you feel generous? Do you wanna support our channel? Would you like a full personalized reading just for you? Well, a minimum 25$ donation and will get you a full 10 card+in-depth reading ..
A smaller donation will give you a smaller reading.

For a personal video reading: a minimum $50 (12cards+oracle)donation to the channel via Paypal or CashApp (links above). Please leave a note in the donation description box with the name you would like to use in the heading of that video, your question, whether you would like the video on public or private & your email (in case we have a question). Personal video readings generally come out within 24 hours or less of the request. If any of the information is missing in the donation description box, it WILL delay your video..

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Never base all your life decision upon a tarot reading. Use your intuition/gut instinct when making life changing decisions. Always refer to a professional for legal, medical or mental advice.
You are responsible for you own actions.
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