LEO????BE CAREFUL WITH THIS PERSON????????| May 1st-June 1st 2021 Tarot Reading

Leo Extended+ How Do They Really Feel About You? Preview- https://vimeo.com/543728183
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????Personal Readings:
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Personal Readings are extremely in depth and only involve messages specifically for you, what/who you are inquiring about and ALWAYS include positive guidance & advice on your situation :)

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All readings are general and will not resonate with everyone. The only way to get a tarot reading to resonate with you and your energy is to get a personal reading. The energies can surpass the time frame listed- these energies can manifest at anytime. For some, these energies will not make sense right away- so feel free to come back. You are always able to change the outcome due to your freewill if a general reading is resonating with you*

Please make sure you watch readers you vibe with. I do not control what I am given to read and I do not control the messages or cards that come out. I will never sugarcoat any type of reading, that's not who I am. I feel as though everyone deserves the truth whether negative or positive. Tarot Readers are all different, unique, have different styles of reading, have different intuitive abilities- No one is greater or less than and there are no "rules" to follow. Spread the love.

**If you really want to know if a reading resonates with you- watch any type of past reading and see if those energies manifested in your life :)

Love & Blessings,

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