How's William doing now this one is in the UK? psychic reading ✨

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???????????? Readings & Reiki????????????

I'm now offering 121 Readings. It'll be over streamyard (you can set up for a free account)

As well as recorded readings. To book is easy. Just send me an email to and send payment to

When you email me let me know the reading you are booking, names & star signs for Tarot. The Celtic Cross and Love Readings are filmed. If you're booking 121 or reiki let me know what times day are good for you and I'll work out a time with you. The 121 reading will also be recorded and uploaded to you after the session.

Some things to consider with Reiki:
Reiki is a complementary therapy and should be used along with your Medical Professionals Treatment. Reiki is a very gentle therapy, but it's also an energy therapy. So please speak to your GP if you have a history of miscarriage and pregnant, have had seizures or epilepsy. Unfortunately Reiki isn't suitable for those with Pacemakers.


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