HAIR FALL EXPLAINED THROUGH VEDIC ASTROLOGY .कैसे रोकें झड़ते बालों को | बालों को बनाएँ STRONG.

About me:
Navneet is an international certified astrologer and a vastu expert. He has written many articles/ blogs which have been appreciated for its content and Truth. To impart the right knowledge of astrology Navneet took an initiative of starting the youtube channel named as “Astro Scientist Navneet Chitkara”
Navneet graduated from one of the prestigious universities in India. He holds an MBA Degree in Marketing and Finance from National institute of Management. He has been closely involved with astrology for 15 years and is a certified International astrologer possessing Jyotish Praveen and Jyotish Visharad from ICAS(Indian council of astrological sciences).
Navneet Chitkara is also the director and owner of one of the Leading Management institutes of India in Ludhiana.

To break the myths of Astrology and provide knowledge to people a lot of Gurus and Astrologers have been keeping it secret till now.

There are a lot of Astrologers out there who really do not know how to look at a chart of planets in depth, like a surgeon. I have capabilities to show you the nitty-gritties of Astrology, beyond the modern technology and astronomical science.
You can have knowledge of an astrologer, but if you do not know how to apply it's true methods, then having this amazing knowledge is useless. Most astrologers analyze only one chart, which is our birth chart, lagna chart, but that is not enough. There are more than 150 Divisional charts and out of which 16 are extremely important. There are very few astrologers who have skills and knowledge to read those divisional charts. I have mastered the technique of reading Divisional Charts. Many Astrologers would claim that having a planet in a bad house and a bad Zodiac sign can give bad results, however we still see tso many wealthy people walking around with bad planets in their charts in bad positions still successful. It is simple, the astrologers have never analysed the Nakshatras the planet was sitting in, including the sub Nakshatras. Just because your Saturn (Shani) is in a weak sign and house, doesn't mean you are screwed. Saturn might just give you the most awaited wealth and fame in it's time frame.
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