DIVINE MASCULINE & DIVINE FEMININE ???????????? A Psychic Love Message! 3 x Stories, Timeless ?????

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???????????? Reach out at tarotforu444@gmail.com ????????????

Much love to all viewers, thank you for being here with me!

I currently offer video readings which are uploaded on a private
YouTube link (that only you and I can see).

????????????30 minute Video for ????AUD$66
????????????1 hour Video for ????AUD$88
???????????? URGENT 1 hour Video within 24 hours ????AUD$111

These are for twin flame, soulmate or general readings. You may ask up to 8 questions for a private video reading and I will see what the cards say. I also go via my own intuition as I am a
psychic medium ????

If you would like to move forward with a private reading, I would also
ask that you attach a picture of yourself (and your counterpart) and
include both of your dates of birth and a background story so I might
tap into what you need to see.

????????????Manifesting Your Twin Flame Video ????AUD$44
????????????Sound Healing Consultation (includes Manifesting Twin Flame Video) ????AUD$77
????????????Ascension Package which is available at a cost of
AUD$400, either 4 installments of $100, or 8 installments of AUD$50 (pay as you go) which brings union to the self and then aids union ???????? Over 6 hours of video content
with major shifts! A popular and exceptionally powerful package.
???????????????????????? WOW PACKAGE!!! 5 X $100, You get the whole shebang!!! A ????1 hour reading (twin flame or soulmate or general life path) + ???? the Ascension Package + ???? the Manifesting Your Twin Flame Video, plus advice as necessary as you journey through and make your way back to YOU!!!

Readings, packages and purchases are non refundable as I have used my energy and time, and
guidance is for entertainment purposes only.

????????????Step 1. Contact me at tarotforu444@gmail.com
????????????Step 2. Make payment ????and state the type of reading/package you need
????????????Step 3. Send pics, dates of birth for you and your counterpart (if applicable) and up to 8 questions (for readings) or for the purchase you have made, to this email ????
???????????? Step 4. Wait for the link/s to be sent. Private readings are 24-72
hours, ascension or manifesting twin flame video links are within 24

To support my channel and support the charities I support, please donate here as a "gift" thank you!!! https://paypal.me/tarot4u444?locale.x=en_AU

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*** Entertainment purposes only ***
Sending love, peace and light

Disclaimer: Always seek your own advice and professional intervention if you feel it's necessary. No responsibility is taken for those who act or respond from messages shown on or that are related to this channel. This channel promotes positive energies, good health and it also always promotes a positive well-being at all times. This channel is not ever stating that you should undertake any medical specificity, any type of decision or venture without first seeking your own guidance or the guidance of professionals in those areas of expertise. The tarot and chanellings are based upon energy which can change from moment to moment. If these messages do not resonate for you, please take what does resonate and leave the rest.

Sending love, peace and light at this time; I welcome you to my channel!

*** Reach out at tarotforu444@gmail.com ***
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