Channeled Messages! ???? Your Love Life in July ???? Predictions Pick a Card Tarot and Charm/Dice Re

Hi everyone! This pick a card reading is about what's coming up for you in your love life in July 2020, so we'll be finding out what the Universe is bringing towards you in love and what you can expect!

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???? Vitamin face mask/Pile 1 - 6:09
???? Pearl face mask/Pile 2 - 25:33
???? Royal jelly face mask/Pile 3 - 45:28

Gismund (Gnome A) - 1:08:07
Gunvald (Gnome B) - 1:14:29
Geir (Gnome C) - 1:22:19
Gjord (Gnome D) - 1:29:19

The decks I used in today's readings are:
???? Tarot Dobra (The Good Tarot)
???? Romance Angels Oracle Cards
???? The Faerytale Oracle
???? Les Vampires Oracle
???? Andělské Klíče
???? Таро Гномов (Tarot of the Gnomes)
???? Moonology Oracle Cards
???? Inner Child Cards
This is a general reading so it may be that not every message that comes through feels like it's for you - just take what resonates and leave what doesn't. You also have free will in all of the choices you decide to make. Enjoy! ????
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