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Email me your specific love situations and questions at if you would like to contribute to my love series. You can also leave these questions below. Your name and any identifying factors will be kept anonymous. I can not guarantee every question will make it into the series, and will not be answering these emails personally but I would like to thank you for your time in submitting these questions and for your participation. ♥️

***I will not doing free tarot readings or answering extremely specific questions during this series** However, feel free to be as specific as you like when asking your love questions(s). The point is to help everyone who might be in similar relatable situations, and to talk about the good, the bad, and maybe even the ugly with romantic connections! ????

????So questions like what do they want to tell me? What is their message for me? Are they The one? Do they want to marry me?What is a message from their higher self to me?Etc. I won’t be able to answer, I’m not doing any free tarot readings in this series.????

However feel free to provide as much detail as you need to when asking your questions. The goal is to help everyone who watches who might be going through a similar situation.
Questions such as-

I’ve been involved with this guy for two and a half years but he hasn’t made it official yet. Why could this be?


My boyfriend has been distant lately and says he needs space, we argue a lot. How do I save this relationship?


I’ve been crushing on this person for months, even sent them a DM but haven’t heard anything back. How do I best persue this person?


I’m afraid to date after having my heartbroken, how do I heal and put myself out there again?

These are more the types of questions I am looking for ^^ a little more general in nature that could potentially apply to a lot of people’s situations. But sharing your specific situation, longer questions and details is okay ♥️

Thank you for your participation.

Love and light,


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