Baby palmistry - Marriage line palm reading in Nepali| तपाइको विवाह कहिले र कसरि हुन्छ ?

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नमस्ते साथीहरु यो videoमा मैले तपाई हरुलाई तपाइको हातको विवाह रेखाको बारे मा छोटो जानकारी दिएको छु विवाह रेखा | जन्नुहोस तपाइको विवाह कहिले,काहाँ,कसरि र को संग हुन्छ |Marriage line palm reading guide
Marriage line (also relationship line or affection line) mainly reflects the situation of your marriage life, love relationship, marriage time as well as your attitude towards love. It is located below the base of the little finger just above the heart line. The number of the marriage line differs with different people. Some people have only one line and some may have multiple lines. Also some may find there is no marriage line for them. The longest line is usually used as a basis for judgment.
The length, shape, forks, islands, chains and numbers of the line reveals different meanings for your marriage life. Follow the analysis below to find out what your marriage line stands for. Please don't be upset if you find the line is not ideal. The line usually changes with the more you experience. No matter what kind of line you have, a sound marriage needs you to manage carefully.
voice,script,video editor : Samphel
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