Arcturian Oracle Cards - What Tarot & Oracle Decks Do I Use In Readings? ????♦️♠️

Hello beautiful souls! This video was highly requested and is all about my tarot/oracle card collection. In this video I review the most asked about tarot and oracle decks that have been featured in my videos.

Check below to find the number to the deck of cards you’re interested in, the links are listed below. As always I love you guys and keep conquering the world!

♦️????List of Cards ????♦️

#1 Star man tarot:

#2 The Crow Tarot: Crow Tarot

#3 Golden Thread Tarot:

#4 The MoonChild Tarot:

#5 Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot: Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot

#6 Tarot Nefertari: Tarot Nefertari (Multilingual Edition)

#7 Threads of Fate “The Weaver Tarot” Journeyer edition:

#8 Isis Oracle Deck: Isis Oracle

***Also #8 Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards: Madame Endora's Fortune Cards

#9 Magickal Spell Cards:

#10 The Secret Language of Light: The Secret Language of Light Oracle: Transmissions from your Soul

#11 Threads of Fate:

#12 The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit: The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck and Guidebook (Official Keepsake Box Set)

#13 Chakra Reading Cards: Chakra Reading Cards: Ancient Wisdom to Balance and Heal (Reading Card Series)

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