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For a better clarity you can have a personal reading which will include ancient wisdom which I use
Not only works with your date of birth but also by the year you are born
Which has its own system and different frequency. Ancient wisdom

For personal reading, or the year birth of your soul mate

And who are your allies and how to avoid enemy Karmic that are hostile and harmful___ ancient wisdom
then the normal karmic and twin flames relationships where lessons are exchanged
there those relationships that are karmic that you both learn lessons from one another but the karmic Enemy is the relationship that has hostility in it where so much is stripped of your life and well being
this is done in soul mate and enemy karmic, and karmic years of birth readings
Who and what negative forces and frequencies to avoid at all cost to avoid betrayal and to avoid severe hostility
by knowing their years of birth in alignment with your year of birth you can avoid them
The birth year of who to avoid is all in soul mate reading by email you get to know
Relationship assessments
and have some of your questions answered
You are welcome to email me, at

Blessings to you all ____good day

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Here is the link Heart Chakra Meditation
to empower you & renew your heart chakra and remove all blockages and negative energy

Sleep and Relaxation Meditation use this video I have made for you

✨???? How to achieve and maintain inner happiness ???? ✨
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