????Pick a card????Whats Happening June 7-14 || Tarot & Astrology Reading

Hello beautiful souls and welcome to another full moon reading! This video we look at the energy of this lunar eclipse, the week ahead for the collective, and a personal reading for the week. You can work with full moon energy a week before and after, so don’t feel pressured to be on time ????

This video we discuss what’s been happening the past week, if this is something you don’t want to hear check the timestamps below to quickly access the astrological and tarot readings!

As always I love you all so much and I pray you have the most beautiful full moon! Don’t forget to add a prayer for the collective, we could really use it right now ????????

⚠️What’s going on spiritually? (Trigger warnings) ⚠️ : @2:50
Astrology reading: @25:12
Meditation: @41:20
Collective Tarot reading: @41:44
Pile 1: @56:11
Pile 2: @1:03:11
Pile 3: @1:13:44

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????Want to know which decks I used? Check out some of my collection here (updated version coming soon): https://youtu.be/6g8-kImWI9w

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