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Paid readings are instant and get more time. Starts at $10.00 (via cashpp $bootlegcrayolas) for 2 In-depth answers to 2 Questions along w/ any FOLLOW UP (only) questions you may have. I also have 30 minutes for $33.33 as well as Unlimited Time for $50. If you would like a free reading, please type DONE after you have liked and subscribed. These readings are free so please be mindful and considerate of that. Please don't be offended if I cut our reading short. The response time for free readings all depends on your place in line and if I’m doing a paid reading.

About me:
Hi, my name is Aishatu and I'm a fully trained psychic priestess in the Ogboni Aborigine/Ifa Tradition. I have years of experience with claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience (empathy) and I have done multiple initiations in my tradition and even drank an elixir as part of (one of) my priestess initiations to give me a stronger psychic connection to help myself and others. I had a hard road these 12 years. I ended up in the hospital trying to re-discover my gifts. But I made it into a sacred illness (google it). Now, I’m back and I’m better than ever. Please don't be offended by anything I say. I'm all about respect, laughs, and getting to the solution so you don’t leave me more confused. That's just me. I'm here to represent for all my spirituality seekers, aspiring psychics, tarot readers, starseeds, lightworkers and weird people over all that don’t feel like enough people can relate to them. Whether you’re old or young, here's my gift, my space for you.
Psychic Reading
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