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Monthly horoscope for DECEMBER 2020

What. A. Year. What a year! 2020 is one that will go down in the history books as one of the most tumultuous, intense, roller-coaster-like and transformative years of all time! To recap, we’ve had threats of war, Corona Virus, locust swarms, riots, conspiracy theories abounding, the Australian fires and other seemly sci-fi disasters. Twilight zone, anyone?

We’re all ready for a bit of a rest, but 2020 is not quite done with us yet. It’s Eclipse Season, after all, which always heralds some kind of change and shift. This December Eclipse is happening in the mutable, truth-seeking sign of Sagittarius and is conjunct mind planet Mercury. Solar Eclipses are super-charged New Moons so focus on what fabulous new intentions you’d like to set for the year ahead and make them around Sagittarius sort of things. Such as travel. Growth. Expansion. Exploration, Adventure, Spirituality. And – best of all – Fun with a capital F!

We may have to come to grips with learning that our truth is not the whole truth with this Eclipse, and that’s a good thing. Sagittarius can be self-righteous and a bit of a zealot, and with this Eclipse also squaring up to subversive Neptune, we are challenged to look again. To pause. To reflect and realise that we might – gasp and horror – be wrong!

Admitting when we don’t know, or that we’ve made a mistake, is very adulty. Accepting other’s views is even more adulty and creates a more peaceful, loving society. This is even more important because Saturn and generous Jupiter head into humanitarian Aquarius. Freedom! Freedom from limiting beliefs, from our homes (if you’ve had an extended lockdown), freedom to improve society and be better humans.

And just remember, with great freedom comes great responsibility. What causes will you fight for this month, and over the next year? What rebellions are important to you – what battles will you choose to pick?

December is a season of sniffing out truth from lies, for standing up for what we believe in, for finding and expressing our individuality and developing philosophies that make sense to us. It’s season of tolerance and justice, and of merriment and freedom, too.

On a more personal level, a Full Moon on the 30th in the tender sign of Cancer – may have you releasing the past, releasing the events of the year and embracing home, family and your tribe. Its’ a time for closing the door, polishing special memories and of deeper self-care. Its’ a time for forgiveness.

The square between Mars and Pluto may have a final integration happen around issues of power and control, whether professional or personal, as well as collectively. This is not foreign to you – you know these demons well by now, and you know just how to deal with them. Make them a cup of tea and sit with them.

And finally, the best thing about December? Well, we don’t have the dreaded Saturn-Pluto death and disaster conjunction to shudder about. It’s done and what a relief!

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