✨???? WHAT is ATTRACTIVE about YOU!? ????✨ tarot pick a card

Why do people get drawn to you?
What is irresistible about you?
What makes you attractive?

the cards know the secret to your charm...

GROUP 1 ???? (Ametrine) 1:17
GROUP 2 ???? (Green Jade) 7:45
GROUP 3 ???? (Rose Quartz) 15:20
GROUP 4 ???? (Blue Kyanite) 22:25
GROUP 5 ???? (Clear Quartz) 30:53

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????Ideas for pick a cards are always welcome! Some of them will get filmed. ????

???? disclaimer/heads up ????
These pick a cards are created mainly for entertainment purposes. Even though Tarot can be an insightful tool to use, it is up to us to make our own choices and decisions, in our own lives, based on our own good judgment.
Remember that these pick a cards are general and every message might not be completely accurate for you or apply to your life 100%.
Please take what nourishes your soul and leave the rest.

With that said,
✨Enjoy the pick a cards! ????
Tarot and Cards
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